Memory Match Game 54 Matching Pairs



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  • Product Description
      • Great for kids and families
      • Builds confidence and boosts self-esteem by providing a sense of achievement. Introduces children to the world around them and is excellent for interactive learning play
      • Minimalist Graphic 

      Memory games are fun for all the family and put the memory of children and adults to the test. The game contains 54 pairs of matching tiles featuring minimalist graphic images.

      How to play: mix up the tiles and arrange them face down on a hard surface. Players take turns to flip two tiles; if they are a match, the player gets to keep them and flip over two additional tiles. If this pair is no match, the tiles are turned face down again, and the next player has a go. The winner is the player holding the most tiles at the end. You can vary the number of matching pairs from 10 to 54 to make the challenge more or less demanding.

      Tip: When you are not playing the ViSSEVASSE memory game, you can use the graphic decoration on the back of the tiles to generate decorative geometric patterns. There are countless combinations, symmetrical as well as asymmetrical – your imagination is the only limit.

      Tiles ‣ 59 x 59 mm x 2 mm
      The box ‣ 19,5  x 19,5 x 3,5 cm
      Contents: 54 pairs of matching tiles
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