• Product Description
      • LCD alarm clock
      • Reversible electroluminescent display
      • Reddot Design Award in 2013

      Lexon's Flip Alarm clock is designed by brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright. This LCD travel alarm clock has a lot of advantages :
      - Its a double-sided alarm: you just have to place the "on" side of this alarm clock upward and the alarm will be connected. For desactivation you just have to flip the alarm clock on the "off" side. 
      - The  format is very practical: it has a compact size: 10,4 x 6,5 x 3 cm.
      - Screen and intuitive functions : you just simply touch the upper face of this LCD alarm clock to trigger the light.( low on the OFF side or for the SNOOZE function). 

      Dimensions: 10,4 x 6,5 x 3 cm
      Year Of Design: 2019
      Material: Aluminium / ABS
      More Information: ON /OFF faces Power supply : 2AAA batteries (included) Switch OFF alarm button
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Flip LCD Alarm Clock

€19,50 €39,00


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