• Product Description
      • Handmade in Italy
      • Eco Design
      • Trompe l'oeil

      Canova is a trompe l'œil plate, a tribute to sculpture. The modelling creates an illusion of flexibility and malleability. With its odd, irregular shapes and fingerprints embedded in the material you just want to touch it! The Canova puffed-plate intrigues and surprises. "At the first sight, the material seems soft, evoking a deflated cushion, a cloud or even a cheese nan! I fact, these dished, handcrafted in Italy are rigid and solid ceramics.

      H4 cm
      ø 37 cm
      Material: Ceramic
      Year Of Design: 2017
      Designer: Constance Guisset
      Who is Constance Guisset?
      She has a master's degree at ENSCI - Les Ateliers. She works in Paris. "My work is centred around a research on illusion of vision and surprise. I endeavour to create moving objects that produce either a long-lasting astonishment or a passing fascination. The manufacturing of a project, to be understood as transformation, is a process during which the object becomes reality, only holding back the very necessary, the initial lightness and fantasy. At the end, the object comes out its chrysalis as a finished product, exclusively to be handled by the final user. And takes its independence.
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Puffed-up plates Constance Guisset


Color | Blue


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