• Product Description
      • Made in the Netherlands
      • To be placed straight or tilted
      • Designed by Lara van der Lugt

      This set of two hand-blown glasses of the brand Puik are handmade in the Netherlands.
      The radiant glasses set of 2 are everyday objects whose quality and design transform the daily drinking experience into a sublime moment.
      The two RADIANT diamond-cut glasses can be placed straight or tilted.
      In the same collection, discover the Rare Crystal Glass Carafe from Puik.

      Dimensions  9 x 9 X 9 cm
      Capacity: 30cl
      Material: Mouth-blown glass
      Designer: Lara van der Lugt
      Care Instructions:To prolong the brilliance of the clear glass, we recommend hand washing
      More information: The glass is mouth-blown, differences in size and thickness and air bubbles may be present and are normal
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Radiant Glasses Set of 2



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