• Product Description
      • Bronze Winner of the Premio Rometti 2017 Edition
      • Produced by Rometti in Italy
      • Inspired by a duck's beak

      The Water Jug 'Becco' by the Luxembourgish designer Lisa Bley is unique. It directly takes the inspiration from a duck's beak, it is revisited in a water carafe. Fashioned from a single piece of  almond-shaped white ceramic, the 750 ml container is sliced in the middle to create a surprising and functional spout. This item was designed during Lisa Bley's studies at CAD (College of Advertising and Design) under the tutelage of Louis de Limburg Stirum and Jean-François D'Or. This Becco decanter will be perfect in a modern and design interior and will sublimate your table at any occasion

      Dimensions:11 x 5,8 x 34,5 cm
      Capacity: 750 ml
      Material: White ceramic
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Water Jug 'Becco'



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