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      Co-edited by Skinnerboox, an independent publishing house focusing on contemporary photography, “Providencia” draws on the charged topography of the Providencia district in Santiago de Chile and explores topics such as identity and memory. Daniel Reuter’s book combines a variety of papers, transparencies and textures, that translate the city’s urban materiality. Its flat plan is punctuated by a series of urban views, architectural details and plants, portraits and landscapes, and offers an immersive and dense experience that challenges the eye. “Providencia” includes a contribution by Alejandro Zambra, a contemporary Chilean writer. The essay “Accent” takes the form of a conversation between a taxi driver and his client as they drive through the city of Santiago de Chile, marked by the demonstrations of November 2019. The protagonists’ words during this urban journey make the images in the book resonate with the events and the tensions of the moment. The work is bilingual, with the original Spanish text accompanied by the English translation.

      Languages: English, Spanish
      Release date: 2020
      Pages: 111
      Photographs by: Daniel Reuter
      Edited and sequenced by: Milo Montelli (Skinnerboox)
      Designed by: Federico Carpani
      Editorial coordination by: Michèle Walerich (CNA)
      Text by: Alejandro Zambra 
      Paperback, Swiss Binding in English and Spanish
      Co-publication: Skinnerboox, Lët’z Arles and CNA
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Daniel Reuter - Providencia



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