Marché des Créateurs

Held twice a year for over a decade, the "Marché des Créateurs" has become an unmissable fixture in the Luxembourg Greater Region calendar. For an entire weekend, Mudam becomes a unique space where local and international artists and designers are able to showcase and sell their work, each event attracting more than 3,000 visitors. 

   Most importantly, the "Marché des Créateurs" is about people meeting people. It is a place where members of the public in search of new and beautiful objects are able to meet with emerging artists and designers; it is an opportunity for dialogue between craftspeople and visitors; and it is a place where creative individuals can communicate their story and their passion for original craft and design. The "Marché des Créateurs" is also an opportunity for talented people working in a range of different fields to come together and socialise.

Are you a designer or artist working in interior decoration, fashion, jewellery or children’s goods? Are you a craftsperson employing a range of techniques and working in fields such as product design, ceramics, textile design, illustration or publishing? If so, why not let us see a portfolio of the products you have for sale!