• Product Description
      • Made of Zantech, an innovative material consisting of 80% recycled graphite
      • HB lead is safe, non-toxic, sharpenable and shock resistant
      • Uses no wood casing but doesn't rub off on hands

      The Perpetua recycled pencil is a triumph in ecological and durable design, and gives a new face to “green” pencils. It is different because it is made of 80 % recycled graphite, does not contain wood, doesn't break easily and has nice big erasers which is fused without an adhesive. It’s a cleaner pencil that does not leave graphite dust even in the pencil shavings. A unique object, an incredible revolution in writing completely “Made in Italy”. It may be used on spacecrafts and space stations because Perpetua is the only pencil whose technological features prevent the graphite micro-particles from dispersing and short-circuiting on-board instruments. In HB hardness, Perpetua graphite pencil can be used to write or draw and writes well on most paper types but offers ideal performance with more textured paper. In June 2016, Perpetua the pencil received an Honorary Mention for ADI Compasso d’Oro Award 2016, the prize of excellence, which rewards beauty as well as research, functional design and creativity for a better future.

      Lenght 19,5 cm
      Designer: Marta Giardini
      Materials: Perpetua is made out of Zantech®, an innovative material made of 80% recovered graphite - a waste of industrial production - combined with a 20% mixture of compounds, with no additional varnishes or processing
      Pencil Lead Degree (Hardness): HB
      More Information: It is non-toxic, therefore suitable for children, and it conforms to the way they draw and write, without breaking.  / The O-ring - hydraulic seals, originally just black - is re-interpreted by Perpetua in new colours and also transformed in multi-coloured bracelets to wear.
  • Product Details
    • Variant: Orange
    • SKU: 35281
    • Weight: 0.002 kg
    • Product Type: Pencil
    • Brand: Perpetua
    • Collection: Office

Recycled Graphite Pencil


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