Lët'z Arles

For four years now, Lët'z Arles has been bringing a bit of Luxembourgish creation to the Rencontres d'Arles. Lët'z Arles is an association that supports and promotes photography and artists linked to Luxembourg. Each year, it offers artists a complete creation and distribution system.

This grant allows the production of an exhibition presented in the associated program of the Rencontres, the accompaniment of the artists by a curator for more than a year, the publication of a book and the touring of their exhibition in Luxembourg.

As a major player in Luxembourg photography abroad, Lët'z Arles also works to disseminate the work of Luxembourg photographers in their own country.

Lisa Kohl - ERRE

Lët'z Arles


Daniel Reuter - Providencia

Lët'z Arles