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1. How do you define your concept / style / brand?

There's not really a concept. I come from a socio-educational background and I started experimenting with clay as an art therapy and then I found my passion. Already during my childhood I was surrounded by craftsmen and artists in my family who worked mainly with wood, copper, bronze and clay. For this reason, I think, I was always fascinated to create objects and to play with creativity, without putting limits on myself.

2. What are the responsible values, actions that your brand conveys? Why are they important to you?

Ceramics is one of the oldest forms of handicrafts in the world, dating back over 30,000 years. People have used it for everyday objects and art because of its strength, its closeness to nature and its superb usability. Clay is more durable than most other materials. All my creations are built and painted by hand, in my studio in Esch! They are objects that can be used for a long time and even passed on from one generation to the next. The basic material is earth, which we do not lack; the production is the only point where it consumes a lot of energy because of the burning process, but I burn in an electric kiln powered 100% with sustainable energy.  

3. Which of your creations do you like the most? Why do you like it the most?

 Always the next creation, and then the next. 

4. Tell us your story, your link with Luxembourg ?


As a former child refugee, I embraced the Luxembourg culture which made me feel at home, without forgetting my roots which are an asset in me, who I am and what I create in my studio in Esch. 


Red Ceramic Vase V008

Mint Ceramic Vase V007

Royal Blue Ceramic Vase V002

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