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      • 1 daily activity for 30 days to build a better world
      • Original gift
      • Perfect challenge to increase happiness, self-esteem

      Kindness has real power. When we show kindness to others, not only do we spread happiness, but it is also likely that, as a result of our action, that person will in turn be kind to those around them. This is what science calls the 'ripple effect' of kindness, the principle that good deeds have a positive effect on mental and physical health; they increase happiness, self-esteem, reduce stress, but they probably have a much wider impact on the world around us. This 30-day Good Deeds Challenge offers a series of wonderful, easy-to-integrate altruistic gestures into your daily life that will help you be happier and build a better world.

      Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 20 cm
      Material: Paper
      Language: French / English
      Content: Box of 30 paper tickets, one ticket per day
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30-Day Good Deeds Challenge


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