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      • Visit 35 famous places and test your knowledge!
      • 2 levels of questions per card: a fun MCQ and a more biting open question

      A new way to play 7 families card game. Discover this 7 families card game Super Endroits like no other!
      With the 7 families game from Minus Editions you will learn while having fun. Travel to famous or mysterious places and learn things while you play! 7 families of 5 cards, 70 questions to ask each other in turn. Perfect for a family meal, a snack with friends or a car journey.
      Which family or families will you win?Answer these questions already to see :
      - Museums: "What makes the Hermitage the largest museum in the world?";
      - Towers: "Who climbed the Empire State Building with their bare hands?";
      - Castles: "Was the Forbidden City forbidden to naughty children?";
      - Bridges: "What does the Millau Viaduct cross?";
      - Wonder of the world: "In which country is Easter Island located?";
      - Mysterious places: "Who of Lassie, Sissi or Nessie haunts LochNess?";
      - Spirituality: "What do you slip between the stones of the Wailing Wall ?"

      Size: 10 x 15 x 1 cm
      Language: French
      Package: 35 maps of places and monuments = 70 questions
      Age: From 7 years old
      Material: Paper
      More Information: From 2 players
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7 Families Card Game Super Endroits



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