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      • European fabrication
      • Instructions : 1 notice included in the box with instructions in English and French
      • Memory games brain training

      Are you ready to test your memory? The best choice its the Identical Memory Game from the french brand Cinqpoints. This card game is suitable for everyone: it stimulates your brain, helps developing your memory and at the same time fires up healthy competition. You can play it with two or more people. Matches are fast and fun and the game rules are very simple to understand. In fact the box contains 20 pairs of identical cards, two by two. To start the game you just have to mix up cards and then place them scattered on a surface, face down on the table. One player starts by uncovering two random cards: if they are identical the player gets them and earn one point. The game ends when there are no more cards to be taken. The winner is the person who is able to collect the greatest number of paired cards.

      Dimensions: 13x13x2 cm
      Materials: Paper and cardboard
      Packaging: Box with black bottom and sheath printed with hot stamping on certified paper
      More Information: 
      Age ‣ 6 years old and more
      Contents ‣ 44 cards 55 x 55 mm
      Instructions ‣ 2 cards with instructions in English and French
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Identical Memory Game



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