• Description du produit
      • Ideal and durable for everyday use
      • Won the Agora 2012 design award, Bordeaux.‎
      • Made of Limoges porcelain - extra white kaolin

      The coffee has a strong aroma.‎ Its fragrance may embalm any space.‎ The olfactory memory often leads us to remember its smell.‎ The cup “A coffee in the clouds” emphasises the aromatic dimension of coffee.‎ A volute in biscuit porcelain materialises this aroma and contains it in space of the cup while evoking the steam that emerges.‎ That’s a matt and precious cloud, keeper of a flavour in contrasting shapes and finishes with the cup that is glazed.‎ This volute is not only symbolic and decorative, it serves to keep the coffee warm and keep its flavour.‎ It also serves as saucer in order to put down its spoon smudged with coffee.‎ The enameling of the interior of the cap as for it, is very practical to prevented to clean easily the stains of coffee and the transpiration of the porcelain due to the steam.‎
      For lovers of espresso coffee, double or long, the cup “A coffee on the clouds” with uncluttered lines, materialises a singular gesture and nourishes the pleasure by the fantasy.

      Ø  ‣ 5 cm
      Height ‣ 6 cm
      Materials: Limoges porcelain - specificity extra white kaolin
      Care Instructions: Suitable in microwave, oven and dishwasher
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Cup A coffee in the clouds



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