• Description du produit
      • The puzzle promotes calm and concentration
      • Manufactured in Europe using sustainably sourced paper.One tree is planted for every puzzle sold.
      • Ideal to connect with multiple generation

      Based on one of the iconic designs of Poppik Poster, this Educational Insects Puzzle 500 Pieces is a multi-generational game, fun for the whole family.
      This puzzle made in France is an iconic image from the Poppik collection that is the result of a collaboration with Cloudberries, a trendy young brand that is reimagining puzzles in a contemporary way. Cloudberries is very committed to environmental activism and for each puzzle purchased, a tree is planted!
      Made in France with cardboard and recycled paper, in compact packaging with no plastic wrap, all choices made to minimise the impact on the environment. An eco friendly and educational toy!

      Dimensions of the puzzle: 46,2 x 32,6 cm
      Box: 25 x 18 x 6 cm
      Materials: Recycled cardboard
      Age: 8 and up
      Contains: 1 educational puzzle 500 pieces,1 poster in puzzle format
      Advice for use:
      Once completed, the puzzle can be transformed into a painting: it can be glued on a standard frame of 50 x 70 cm for example.
      More Information: 
      500 puzzle pieces and a poster in the same format as the puzzle. On the poster are written the names of the insects in French and in English. The poster makes it very easy to put the puzzle together. Indeed, it is enough to unfold the poster and to place the pieces one by one directly on the poster. It’s another way to play, especially for younger children.
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    • Poids: 0.2 kg
    • Type de produit: Puzzle
    • Marque: Poppik

Educational Insects Puzzle 500 Pieces



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