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      • Handmade in France
      • Guaranteed lead and nickel free
      • Perfect gift

      Find this beautiful pair of dangling earrings by French designer Gisel B. These fancy Elisabeth pendant earrings for women made in France will bring style and a chic touch to your look. Each piece is tastefully handcrafted. This modern pair of earrings will be perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift.

      Long earrings ‣ 7 cm
      Oval ring ‣ 3,5 x 2,5 mm
      Oval chip earrings with ‣ 2.5 x 2 cm
      Material: Freshwater cultured pearl 24k golden solid 925 silver stems
      Care Instructions:
      The cleaning of the Elisabeth Pendant Earrings is essential so that the pair keeps its shine and brilliance. It is necessary to remove them regularly, especially when taking a shower, because soap and other products can be deposited on them. Soap and shampoos often clog the clasps and stems of the earrings. We recommend that you clean the gold-plated earrings with a small soft sponge soaked in water in which you have dissolved some Marseille soap. Rinse and then place on a clean soft cloth and wipe with a fine cloth.
      Origin of materials :
      – Design: Valence, France
      – Assembly of the jewellery: Valence, France
      – Loops, rings, and welds: Paris, France
      – Chain links: Germany
      – Plating: Paris, France
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Elisabeth Pendant Earrings



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