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      “Nothing is more sacred than the integrity of your mind.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

      The Intégrale, Reversible Vermeil Ring is designed around the symbol of the circle and the square which reminds us harmony and stability. This reversible vermeil ring evokes the sensuality, softness and calm of a woman who stands out for her charm and determination. This elegant gift is a perfect gift for every women.

      Size: M= 54 
      Materials:  Each piece is signed with a “925” stamp certifying the silver base. A “V” engraving is present on those in vermeil, certifying the 5 microns of gold, guaranteeing them a real authenticity and a guarantee of quality.
      Care Instructions: For Vermeil jewels, the best way to keep their appearance is to remove them before cleaning, sports, swimming, showering or sleeping, and washing your hands if it’s a ring.
      Also, if you are not wearing it, please put it back in its vacuum pouch.
      Be careful with the hydroalcoholic gel which can deteriorate the behaviour in time of your jewel.
      It is possible that a light oxidation may appear with time. Toothpaste on the tip of the finger, some rubbing, and this one will have disappeared.
      Packaging: L'Intégrale, Reversible Vermeil Ring is delivered in a custom-made box. Enclosed in a protective foam, it will be waiting for you in the warmth of its moments of rest.
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L'Intégrale, Reversible Vermeil Ring



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