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      How can a city become greener, more innovative, more people-friendly, more mobile, more liveable and engaged, while continuing to develop? In this book, Didier Cornille takes us to visit cities that are leading the way, like Curitiba, a green city in the south of Brazil or Berlin, one of the most wooded in Europe. Places, architects and men and women full of energy, who can only inspire us to think about what we ourselves, children and adults, can do for our own city! A fascinating journey around the world in more than ten innovative cities that are paving the way to the future!

      Dimensions: 20 x 30cm
      Author: Didier Cornille
      Language: French
      Pages: 88
      Age: From 7 years
      EAN: 978-2330106850
      Production: Italy
      <More Information: Amerigo-Vespucci Youth Prize 2019
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La ville quoi de neuf (French Edition)



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