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      • Limoges porcelain
      • Made in France
      • Perfect gift

      With the Magma collection, the french brand Non Sans Raison uses color as a starting point, as opposed to a final surface treatment on enamelled porcelain, creating a full-fledged texture, a key element of the finished object. The Magma Cobalt Presentation Plate weaves the fabric of a miniature geology so close and so distant at the same time, of an imaginary topography, between the earth's crust and the lunar crust. Its mottled and entirely hand-crafted pattern makes each model unique and creates a singular and varied arrangement around the table. It is made of genuine Limoges porcelain.

      Dimensions:  Ø 32 cm
      Materials: Limoges porcelain - specificity extra white kaolin
      Decor: Cobalt blue, large fire
      Care Instructions: Oven and dishwasher safe
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Magma Cobalt Presentation Plate



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