• Description du produit
      • Limited edition
      • Timeless piece
      • Scarf is digitally printed on pure silk satin

      The Jellyfish Silk Scarf is in limited collection by the Luxembourgish brand By Siebenaler. The scarf is designed in a high-quality material. The accentuated color shades shape the fine fabric to be both beautiful and practical. The designer Nathalie Siebenaler uses images and illustrations capture from our every day life transformed into a special print. Here, the scarf has a zoomed leaf covered with raindrops is covered in wood. Aquarelle stains and in water dissolved ink are forming structures remind mushrooms and glooming jellyfish.

      Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
      Materials: 100% silk satin
      Care Instructions: Please avoid contact with jewellery, sharp, objects and rough surface to maintain perfect condition.
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Glowing Jellyfish Silk Satin Scarf



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