• Description du produit
      • Handcrafted in Europe
      • Naturally regulates the water flow according to the needs of each plant
      • Optimised firing process to ensure ideal porosity while maintaining the particular aesthetics of the clay

      It is not always easy to know how to care for and water your plants.
      How much water? How often?
      The Olla Natural Water Reservoir from the French brand Pepin is the solution for simple and optimal watering. It is easy to use, simply plant it in the ground and fill it with water, which it will then gradually diffuse into the compost.

      By diffusing water progressively, they allow plants to develop roots in contact with the clay and draw on it naturally, thus offering more freedom and ease of maintenance, while making considerable water savings.

      How to use it:
      1. Install in the ground
      Make a small hole in the soil of your houseplant or balcony planter. Push the Olla in, leaving the glazed top part visible. Make sure that the buried part is in contact with the soil. The roots of your plants will naturally grow towards the Olla to draw the water they need.
      2. Fill with water
      Fill the Olla with water and replace the cork to prevent evaporation. Check the water level regularly and wait until the Olla is completely empty before refilling.
      Depending on the plant and its exposure, the refilling time can vary from a few days to a week.
      3. Let it happen...
      The plant will gradually set up its roots around the Olla to draw the water it needs, guaranteeing you good growth and healthy plants with ease.
      The amount of water used for watering is reduced, and you will avoid water stress for your favourite plant.

      Material: Clay
      Tips for the care of Ollas:
      Ollas are almost maintenance free. However, if you live in a region where the water is very hard, you can clean it from time to time with a sponge and a little diluted white vinegar, or use rainwater, which will be better for your plants as well as for your Ollas.
      If you place your Pepin Olla in an outdoor pot, we advise you to bring it inside in case of heavy frost to avoid damaging it.
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    • Variante: Antique Gold
    • Poids: 0.7 kg
    • Marque: Pepin

Ollas Natural Water Reservoir


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Ollas Natural Water Reservoir



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