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      • Made in France
      • Eco-responsible
      • Learning: sanding, gluing, half-wood assembly

      The Plywood catapult is an ingenious machine able to conquer your fortress occupied by a wicked wizard. You will awake your little architect’s curiosity discovering the strength of the elastic band while imagining beautiful conquests
      All supplies are included, as well as an Illustrated manual, explaining how to build and more importantly, how to help.
      Plywood's clever and lightweight catapult will take your child back to the Middle Ages and the world of chivalry. This wooden catapult is a perfect addition to the Plywood castle!
      It's an ideal opportunity to introduce him to woodworking, sanding, gluing and making a half-wooden assembly. Like a real budding craftsman, you will teach him to make his own tools, to acquire simple and reusable skills, to develop his fine motor skills and to refine his taste for things well done.

      Length of catapult: W 18 cm
      Height of the catapult: H 12 cm
      Material: Birch multi-ply
      Completion time: about 1/2 hour
      Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
      Age: From 4 years
      Elements provided:
      - Picture instructions for making the catapult
      - The cut-out parts of the catapult to assemble
      - Wooden wheels
      - Wooden sticks for the catapult shaft and wheels
      - Elastic cord
      - Cotton wools as projectiles
      - A sheet of sandpaper
      - A pot of child-friendly wood glue
      - Elastic bands
      More Information: The size of the catapult is suitable for Playmobil and Papo figures.
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The Plywood Catapult



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