• Description du produit
      • Exclusive mug by the collective Dadofonic
      • Designed by Acacio, Laura, Laurent and Nathalie
      • Dadofonic is a sheltered workshop by the Ligue HMC

      For the project Art Wide Open, Mudam has invited the collective Dadofonic from the Ligue HMC. Dadofonic is a professional ensemble working in theatre, visual art and movement. Over the course of six sessions, the artists discovered and drew inspiration from the museum and its collection. The resulting works were also on display from 14.07 – 18.07.2021 in the Mudam Studio. To celebrate their exhibition, the artists have created this exclusive porcelain mug: each artist designed one of the characters of the mug and together, they are ready to boost your day.

      Ø  ‣ 8,1 cm
      Height ‣ 9,5 cm
      Material: Porcelain
  • Détails du produit

Porcelain Tea & Coffee Dadofonic Mug



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