• Description du produit
      • Made in Luxembourg
      • The cups are intended to represent the eggs of pink flamingos
      • Each piece is created from tinted porcelain

      The porcelain cup made in Luxembourg is perfect for your tea time. In fact the work of the Luxembourg designer Roxanne Flick is focused on the cycle of lesser flamingos, their visual appearance, the functions of their bodies, the choice of their nesting site and their behaviour, all of which are adapted to design in an abstract way. Indeed it represents for Roxanne a flamingo egg. Playful and design, this white porcelain cup from the "purpur" collection will be a great gift. In the same vein complete the "Purpur" porcelain cup with dark wood base with the Set "Purpur" porcelain.

      Ø ‣ 86 mm
      Height ‣ 84mm
      Material: Porcelain
  • Détails du produit

"Purpur" Porcelain Cup With Dark Wood Base



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