• Description du produit
      • Made in Luxembourg
      • Sugar/ milk dispensers have a more spherical shape derived from the appearance of chicks
      • Each piece is created from tinted porcelain

      Inspired by the lesser flamingo, the "Purpur" milk/sugar jar by the  Luxembourgish designer Roxanne Flick is an abstract interpretation of the cycles of human creativity and nature. This milk/sugar jar, reminiscent of a bird's head, pours the liquid through its "beak" in a way that is both playful and revealing of the way in which the Luxembourgish brand likes to tell stories and bring everyday objects to life. Don't hesitate to complete the "Purpur" milk jug with the "Purpur" porcelain cup.

      Ø ‣ 86 mm
      Height ‣122 mm
      Material: Porcelain
  • Détails du produit

Set "Purpur" Porcelain Milk / Sugar Jar Grey Lila



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