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      • Made in France
      • Eco-friendly book
      • Made with recycled materials

      Unleash your imagination with this story inspired by the starry night and the constellation Camelopardalis - the Giraffe. Scrollino is a novel editorial concept in book form that can be scrolled through by simply inserting and turning the pencil in the direction of the arrow. In this metaphorical tale, the heroine, the Giraffe, is looking for her spots.

      How it works?
      1. Insert the pencil and turn
      To start enjoying this Scrollino, insert a pencil or similar object in the top scroller and turn it clockwise to make the animation alive! 
      2. Discover the Scrollino
      Swim with the fish in this animated Scrollino by turning the pencil slowly in the top Scroller.
      3. Rewind with a pencil
      Did you go all the way to the end? Now, insert the pencil to the bottom Scroller and turn anti-clockwise to rewind. Luckily, each Scrollino comes with a wooden pencil to help you to rewind the paper. We designed the Scrollers to work with most standard pen and pencil profiles (hexagonal, rounded, triangular, etc.) so you can keep scrolling everywhere.

      Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 2,5 cm
      Length:  2,20 m
      Material: Organic, compostable paper
      Age: From 3 to 103 years
      Warning : Story in french
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Pillow Fairy Tale Unroll Book

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