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      • Sustainable homeware made in France
      • Perfect gift for shoe lover
      • High quality materials

      Andree Jardins sneakers cleaning kit is the natural way to give trainers a new lease of life. Use the firm brush to scrub off persistent scuffs and marks, and the double-sided sponge to clean the tops and soles of your shoes.
      The set includes:
    • Brush to deep clean the entire show, including in the eyelets 
    • Double sided sponge, with the soft white side to delicately clean the top of the shoe and firmer orange side for the soles and stubborn stains
    • A gentle soap and a waterproofing and stain protecting spray

    • Dimensions: 16 x 13,5 x 5cm
      Brush  Beech wood and Nylon
      Waterproofing 50ml Stain Remover Water based fluorinated compound enriched with a food oil, solvent free
      Soft Soap 50ml Glycerin rich, solvent and chemical free
      White Sponge  Synthetic foam and abrasive coating1 Nylon brush: Ideal for deep cleaning, especially for your soles and lace eyelets.
      Tips for use:
       - 1 Sponge: White side for cleaning the top of the shoe or delicate surfaces / Orange side for the soles or embedded stains
      - Soft Soap: Put the soft soap on the brush or the wet sponge and scrub well. Rinse lightly with water and leave to dry.
      - 1 Anti-stain waterproofing agent: Apply an even layer by cross spraying on clean and dry shoes. Allow to dry at room temperature.
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Sneakers Cleaning Kit



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