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      • Geometric earrings
      • Trendy jewellery
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      With its sublime geometric shape, these Winslow earrings are perfectly in line with Calepinage's creations. At the same time particular and refined, these earrings dipped in a gold bath are our favourite! The geometrical body brings strength and originality to the jewel while the design gives delicacy and finesse. This jewel perfectly combines softness and strength. They offer size to the face as well as head wear. The chic outfits will be wonderfully enhanced with a touch of singularity.

      Length > 50 mm
      Materials: 18 karat silver and gold-plated brass shaft
      Care Instructions:
      The cleaning of the earrings is essential so that the pair keeps its shine and brilliance. It is necessary to remove them regularly, especially when taking a shower, because soap and other products can be deposited on them. Soap and shampoos often clog the clasps and stems of the earrings. We recommend that you clean the gold-plated earrings with a small soft sponge soaked in water in which you have dissolved some Marseille soap. Rinse and then place on a clean soft cloth and wipe with a fine cloth.
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Winslow Earrings

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Winslow Earrings