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1.  How do you define your concept / style / brand?
Passionate about the world of the home and children, I define my fresh brand with a world populated by heroes and characters from Luxembourg fairy tales.
My universe is graphic and playful, with a lot of personality.
My creations are very simple and cheerful. They speak as well to the smallest as to the oldest. It is a collection 100% thought, designed and made in Luxembourg for all.

2. What are the responsible values, actions that your brand conveys? Why are they important to you?
My mission is to bring the happiness and nostalgia of our beautiful country in everyday products, whether it is through kitchen towels, stationery or coloring cuddly toys. It is important for me not to lose our heritage.

3. Which of your creations do you like the most? Why do you like it the most?
My favorite is: the wooden puzzle with the characters of Luxembourgish tales. You can create new Luxembourgish creatures and stories, it's a nice interpretation to test the fantasy of children.
4. Tell us your story, your link with Luxembourg ?
Originally from Luxembourg, I spent a few years in Paris and came back to live in my country of origin. The traditions of the country are dear to me. It is important for me to keep them alive.

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