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      w• A pot that allows your plants to take care of themselves, thanks to its integrated water tank. 
      • Made in Sweden
      • Elegant and well thought-out design

      The WET POT system simplifies the maintenance of your plants, while maintaining a beautiful object of decoration. The ceramic pots with water tank WET POT consists of a glass vase with a cut-out for pouring water and an earthenware pot that regulates the water supply by capillary action. Thus, the plant will self-regulate its humidity in a constant way by taking, in the water reserve at its disposal, only the dose it needs. When the quantity of water decreases, it is time to put some back in through the hole in the pot. The M-pot is suitable for all types of plants and flowers such as hibiscus, palm trees, Mediterranean plants and others.
      The WET POT was designed by Nils Plöjel in Höganäs, Sweden. In this city known for its pottery, Plöjel has worked with ceramics all his life.

      It is available in different sizes: XS, S and M.

      XS ‣ Ø 12 x 10 cm (H)
      ‣  Ø 15 x 13 cm (H)
      ‣ Ø 19 x 17 cm (H)
      Material: Ceramics
      More Information:
      Potting  Before use, soak the pot in water for a few minutes. Fill with potting soil so that the base of the plant reaches the edge of the pot, place the plant, then fill to the brim. Make sure that the outer walls of the pot are clean before sliding it into the glass cylinder. To pour, it is gained.
      Maintenance ‣ After potting, let the plant take care of itself. Simply fill the cylinder when the water level has dropped. The frequency of watering depends on the type of plant and the temperature and humidity of the room. The glass makes it easy to see if filling is needed or not.
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Ceramic Pots With Water Tank WET POT


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