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      • European fabrication
      • Cinqpoints wishes to pay tribute to the work of great architects.
      • The pencils and the kutch are presented flat in a sheath box

      Born from the collaboration between Cinqpoints and La Petite Papeterie Française, this set of 6 pencils and a fan kutch (ruler graduated with 2 or 3 different scales depending on the current scales of the maps) is a tribute to the work of great architects. The pencil set "from sketch to construction" includes 6 pencils each bearing the first name of an emblematic architect.

      N ° 1: Rudy is the building site! His pencil is the one that allows you to write directly on concrete, it is that of a mason (3B).
      N ° 2: Renzo is the requirement, the precision and the sense of detail. His pencil is dry and sharp (2H).
      No. 3: Frank is the sketch, the curved and free line. His pencil is bold for a fluid line (2B)
      N ° 4: Zaha is the angle and the curve. His pencil is expressed on a dark support, his face is white.
      N ° 5: Jean is the detail, the precision and the annotations. All in red please! (red mine)
      N ° 6: Tadao is light. Its line is light, poetic and airy. His pencil is blue.

      For all creative people, architects or simply lovers of drawing. A set that has character, to offer and or to offer.


      Dimensions: 7,5x18,5x2 cm
      Material: Certified wood for pencils and box in hard cardboard printed in hot stamping
      More Information:

      Contents ‣ 6 different pencils + 1 flat ruler

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Architect Pencils Set From Sketch To Construction



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