• Product Description
      •  Black and white star design
      • Separable ceramic bowl
      • Designed at the brand’s Barcelona studio

      With this black and white ceramic eclipse serving platter, you will run the risk of your serveware eclipsing your meal chose. The M size is a set of two ceramic bowls designed for "chip and dip" or for a salad dishes. Both bowls are easily separable so that each guest can use it freely.The L size is a wooden rotating board.

      M size  ‣  24 x 24x 14 cm
      L size  ‣  40,5 x 40,5 x 9,5 cm
      Materials: Wood, ceramic
      Care Instructions: Food-grade safe, freeze Safe
  • Product Details

Black & White Ceramic Eclipse Serving Platter

€33,25 €66,50


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