• Product Description
      • Include good ecological habits in your lifestyle
      • Suitable for all inhabitants of the blue planet
      • Pull the ticket of the day to discover your challenge and get started!

      Are you looking for tips to help you lead a more eco-responsible life? Set your sights on this eco-responsible challenge in 30 days. Based on the "waste hierarchy", this small paper box will help you to reduce your consumption, reduce your waste and give you tips on how to reuse or recycle your possessions. Each day, you will discover a new habit to put in place. The DOIY 30 day challenge will help you on your daily life.


      Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 20 cm
      Material: Paper
      Language: French
      Content: box of 30 paper tickets, one ticket per day
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30 Day Challenge Go Green - French Version



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