• Product Description
      • Contemporary and stylish home accessory
      • Minimalist and sophisticated design
      • In the shape of two hands

      The Xéria golden hands table mirror by the Spanish brand DOIY does not only show your own reflection, it highlights an elegant and minimalist object that will be perfect on your dressing table or in your bathroom. The shape of this round table mirror shows two metal hands holding the round mirror as a symbol of balance and well-being. The golden lacquer has shiny accents and seems particularly noble.

      Dimensions: 26 x 21 x 8,5 cm
      Materials: Glass mirror and stainless steel
      Care Instructions: 

      For your mirror to fulfil its role it is important to maintain it and clean it regularly. Before any cleaning, it is imperative to dust it in order to have no trace. Roll a sheet of newspaper into a ball and soak it in white vinegar (1/3) and water (2/3). Rub vigorously then wipe dry. If your table mirror is in your bathroom, to avoid fogging do not hesitate to pass a cloth soaked in glycerin. The latter will protect it and prevent any fogging.

  • Product Details
    • SKU: 35398
    • Weight: 0.5 kg
    • Product Type: Mirror
    • Brand: DOIY

Xéria Golden Hands Table Mirror



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