• Product Description
      • Brass bracelet gilded with 24K fine gold and glass beads
      • A new way of conceiving the idea of offering
      • An unusual and original surprise to offer to your loved ones.

      Are you looking for a gift that will both surprise and amaze? The egg surprise gold bracelet is the perfect gift. This concept proposes an original staging to bring joy to your loved ones by diverting the eggshells from their original function. The egg becomes an original gift, containing a pretty women's bracelet with 24k fine gold. This timeless bracelet is made in France. It is the perfect gift to give at a party, a birthday or just to please. For the greatest happiness of the person who gives it and the one who receives it. Surprise guaranteed!

      Materials: Brass bracelet gilded with 24K fine gold 
      Care Instructions:
      To ensure that your Saint-Malo fine gold ring will be with you for many years, avoid putting it in contact with chemicals, cosmetics, or perfumes. Do not wear it during your sea bathing or during your sports session, and store it in its small organic cotton pouch. To clean your jewel, a simple soft and dry cloth will allow to revive its brightness.
      More Information:
      The whole process is handcrafted in the Eggstra henhouse. The shells are recovered from local pastry craftsmen and ice-cream makers.
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Egg Surprise Gold Bracelet

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