• Product Description
      • To take everywhere with you
      • Proceeds donated to the study of endangered species
      •  Washable and waterproof

      Mystery solved. When a peacock struts his stuff, our attention immediately turns to his elaborate plumage with its colourful eyespots. The eye spots evolved to please the ladies. Catch attention with this foldable shopping bag national geographic indian peafowl!

      Photo Ark by photographer Joel Sartore specialises in documenting endangered species. With your help we can take action to save charming, fierce and wonderful creatures: Proceeds from the sale of every LOQI x National Geographic product support scientists, explorers and researchers worldwide. PHOTO ARK ™ and © Joel Sartore, © 2021 National Geographic Partners, LLC.

      How does it work? I fold into my zippered case, I store in my loop or in the inside pocket.

      Bag ‣ 50 x 42 cm
      Zip pocket ‣ 11 .5 x 11.5 cm
      Handle ‣ 27 cm
      Materials: Polyester
      More Information: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.
      Supports up to 20 kg 
  • Product Details
    • SKU: 35964
    • Weight: 0.056 kg
    • Product Type: Bag
    • Brand: Loqi

Foldable Shopping Bag National Geographic Indian Peafowl



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