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      • Printed in France on recycled paper
      • Educational book for children in cursive lettering

      In this third book, we meet the two sisters who go on an adventure in their garden in search of the dragonfly. We learn about its history: its aquatic life, its metamorphoses, its habitat, its predators, what it loves to eat and how important it is to preserve ponds. We will even go back millions of years to discover its ancestor: the meganeura.
      When you discover the "Juliette and Joséphine's garden" collection, you will notice that there are different levels of reading. The idea is that this medium can accompany children from their earliest years to their teenage years, from their first discoveries to their first presentations. Its use is truly evolutionary.

      Dimensions: 24 x 18,5 x 0,4 cm
      Pages: 34
      Author: Cécile Miraglio 
      Language: French
      - From 4 years old in accompanied reading
      - From 8/9 years old in independent reading
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French Book Le jardin de Juliette et Joséphine - La Libellule



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