• Product Description
      • Perfect for the practical, on-the-go gent!
      • All tools are constructed of a durbale stainless steel that will not bend or break in use
      • Travel ready

      From bottle openers to screwdrivers, this handy survival multi-tool kit includes three tools that offer just about everything a manon the go could need for his next adventure. It includes a multi-tool with flashlight, a carabiner clip with lots of extra features like a knife blade and a saw, and even a 9-in-1 tool the size and shape of a credit card. With so many features in a super-compact package, this set makes an unbeatable gift.

      Dimensions: Stored in a box measuring 23,5cm x 11,4cm x 3,2cm
      Material: Stainless steel
      More Information: Includes three Multi-Tools: Multi Tool with Flashlight, 9-in 1 Credit Card Tool and Carabiner
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Survival Multi-Tool Set of 3



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