• Product Description
      • High-quality organic Peruvian ginger
      • Tasty drink with a surprising boost
      • Perfect gift

      The Gimber gift box includes a 500 ml bottle of ginger syrup made from the finest Peruvian ginger, two elegant glasses, two glass straws and two 20 ml shooters. A complete solution to spice up your favourite moments. Gimber is a real organic alternative to sodas, an aromatic concentrate of quality Peruvian ginger, lemons, cane sugar, water, herbs and spices. Everything is natural, without preservatives or flavour enhancers and 100% organic. With the Gimber gift set you have a great gift that will convince your friends to buy your favourite ginger syrup in no time.

      Its fiery character convinces even the most purist of us with its pronounced ginger note. Mixed with cold sparkling water, Gimber is a wonderful refreshment, poured into hot water, it is a warming drink that makes you forget the dreary weather. But it's also a captivating tasting ingredient in the Moscow Mule or the London Buck. Gimber makes your taste buds dance the tango, says Dimitri the Gimberman about his ginger concentrate, which contains gingerol, which is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

      Story of the designer
      Sick and tired of headaches due to bad wine or sugar-overloaded soft drinks, the Belgian art aficionado and animation series producer Dimitri Oosterlynck went looking for a drink that could lived up his taste buds without making his head spin. When he couldn’t find one, he decided to create one himself.
      In November 2017, Oosterlynck made his first Gimber, a ginger-based non-alcoholic aperitif. It quickly became a local success and was praised as ‘the best alcohol free drink’ at the Prix Epicures 2019. Nowadays, even Belgian pilots drink Gimber to stay sharp!

      Height: 19,5 cm
      Volume: 50 cl
      Ingredients: 38% ginger, cane sugar, lemon, water, spices. (organic origin)
      Storage after opening: 2 months in fridge <7°
      Before opening: 6 months
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Gimber Gift Box



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