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      • French production
      • Ideal for school and office use
      • Easy to erase

      This duo of graphite pencils is the ideal drawing or writing tool for an elegant and inspired back-to-school. A nod to the minimalist movement and the famous phrase 'Less is more'* attributed to Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.
      The sober and graphic lines of these square pencils may make you want to look at your papers again. Perfect organisational companions for the office or home!

      * Less is more' is probably one of the principles that best symbolise the minimalist movement. Formulated by Mies Van der Rohe at the beginning of the 20th century, this phrase also has a strong resonance with the times we live in. This concept, which extends well beyond architecture, advocates a return to simplicity, to the essential and allows us to question our way of living, of consuming and even of considering our relationship with time and with others: a lesson in wisdom and sobriety that opens up more fields than it closes.

      Dimensions: 17,6 x 3 cm
      Materials:Certified wood
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Graphite Pencil Duo Less & More



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