• Product Description
      • For all fans of the Shueberfouer
      • A nice mug for the coffee break
      • Made in Luxembourg

      As a tribute to the famous traditional Luxembourgish music "Hämmelsmarsch" (in French: la marche des moutons), the "Lulu's", famous typical Luxembourg characters, pay tribute in the streets of Luxembourg, with the local band playing music on their way to the "Schueberfouer".

      The sheep tunes his guitar, 'Renert' rides his bike, the cat and the mouse dance, the 'Péckvillchen' sings and the 'Rouden Léiw' plays his trumpet. It's already snack time, the best time to stroll around, drink a cup of coffee, take a seat and watch the cheerful passers-by! This Luxembourg-made porcelain cup will accompany you everywhere. To give as a gift or to treat yourself!

      Capacity: 325 ml
      Material: Porcelain
      Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe
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Hämmelsmarsch Porcelain Mug


Color | Red


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