• Product Description
      • Unique product for children bedrooms
      • Fun Item with a removable shelf
      • Made in France

      Once hidden in garages and pantries, the peg board is ready for prime time. And it's ready for your kid's rooms too. Discover the wooden cloud pegboard by the french brand Little Anana which adds both organisation and a decorative element to a room. Your child can use it to display his rock collection but  you could use the birch wood cloud pegboard for any small item you've got a lot of. It's a simple and classy way to show off what you love.

      Dimensions: 30 x 19 cm
      Material: Birch Wood
      More Information: French Manufacturing, products are made with love between Bidart and Hasparren
      Included in the set:
      3 wooden pegs of 5 cm each
      2 wooden pegs of 9 cm
      1 comb hook (not mounted)
      1 shelf 13x 9 cm
      Each perforated panel is unique because they produce in small quantities to have the best quality possible, so it may differ slightly from the pictures and have small imperfections. They choose their own wood and the panels are cut by a small company in the region of Biarritz and they take care of the finishes. The grooves and knots of the planks may vary from one item to another and the holes in the panels are 8mm.
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Birch Wood Cloud Pegboard

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