• Product Description
      • Refined and functional cheeseboard
      • Modern Design
      • Each piece is unique and can differ depending on the wood texture

      There is nothing like a good cheese boards to enhance a dinner!
      The long cheese board platter from the Spanish brand DOIY Design is a serving board made of acacia wood with a faux leather hanging strap at the end and a golden magnetic knife, inspired by the legendary Gruyere cheese with holes.
      This cheese platter looks as good on a table as it does hanging in your kitchen.
      In addition it will be a marvellous gift idea. In fact you can offer to your friends or family members a special, presentable, functional and high-quality gift. They will love the quality material and colour of the acacia wood.

      Dimensions: 50 x 17 x 15 cm
      Color: Wood
      Materials: Leather, metal, stainless steel, wood
      Care Instructions: Food-grade safe, freeze safe
      How To Care :
      - Make sure to soap your board before the first use.
      - Never put any wooden kitchenware into the dishwasher.
      - Avoid leaving oak utensils wet. Wipe it dry right after the cleaning.
      - Keep your flatbread board away from the oven and sink - both water and fire are bad neighbours for the wood. Do not store it next to the hot stove, in direct sunlight, or on the wet surface.
      - Do not use aggressive detergents. Ask for wood-friendly alternatives.
      - Rub all your wood kitchen accessories with mineral oils once per month and you will be rewarded not only with prolonged and excessive use of your handled finished boards but also their glowing view.
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Long Cheese Board Platter



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