• Product Description
      • Made In France
      • Printed with vegetable inks
      • 5 minutes (minimum) of knowing moments

      Rather a bath or a shower? Big or small appetites? The french dicussion game kit "Plutôt ça ou ça" by Minus Editions collection is an original creation which allows you to compare your tastes, discover things in commun or even be surprised by our differences. To play with family or friends, only one certainty: this card game will make you spend at least 5 minutes of giggles and knowing moments. The card game will be perfect for livening up your evenings, your long distance journeys…

      Size: 5 x 8,5 x 1,3 cm

      Language: French
      Package: 25 cards
      Age: From 6 Years
      Material: Paper
      More Information: From 2 players
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Card Game Plutôt ça ou ça? - French



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