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      • Made In France
      • Printed with vegetable inks
      • Illustrated book to set together

      Friends and friendship are so important that they deserve a special book just for them. The friendship notebook journal diary is essential for all girls. "Gang de Filles" brings together all the necessary ingredients to spend a good moment between girls! To be filled during a birthday, a pyjama party to create lots of unforgettable memories: make portraits of you and your friends, make the friendship test together… Do not hesitate to share your friendship book with them, lots of laugther will be guaranteed. Furthermore ask them to sign and leave a message at the end of your special book so that your friendship last forever and ever.

      Size: 15x 21 cm
      Language: French
      Pages: 76 Pages
      Age: From 6 Years
      Release Date: 01/06/2018
      Material: Paper
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Friendship Notebook Gang de filles - French



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