• Product Description
      • Helps eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags
      • Long arms to ensure a comfortable fit around the shoulder
      • High-quality, premium, strong material

      You will love this Mosaic Large Grocery Tote Bag if you need an eco bag for shopping! This Reusable Shopper Tote Bags will be a great helper when you want to put a lot of stuff into it. In fact it 's made out of a strong material with large capacity fitting in 2-3 grocery bags for shopping. Each Kind Bag was made for bringing easiness and bright colours into your life. You absolutely need a bag from Kind Bag if you: love travelling or festivals, looking for adorable and useful gifts or want to reduce the plastic in the World!

      Open Bag ‣39 x 64 x 17 cm
      Materials: Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
      Care Instructions: Wash your Compact Reusable Shopping Bag frequently by putting it in the washing machine and preferring short washing cycles at low temperature: no more than 30C °.
      More Information:
      Water Resistant World's
      1st 100% recycled material shopping bag
      Large capacity fitting in 2-3 grocery bags of shopping
  • Product Details
    • SKU: 35831
    • Weight: 0.5 kg
    • Product Type: Bags
    • Brand: Kind Bag

Mosaic Eco Friendly Reusable Large Grocery Shopper Tote Bags



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