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      • Ideal to compose your small garden and develop autonomy by taking care of your plantations
      • Nice initiation for a return to the land
      • Gardening brings pride when the plant begins to bear fruit, in addition, it helps to relax and channel strong emotions

      Discover the Moulin Roty pressed flowers, a fun activity for budding botanists who will dry flowers and leaves found in nature to keep beautiful memories. All in wood, with line illustrations and refined graphics as a nod to the old naturalist boards. A fun gift for all little explorers of the world and nature from 6 years old.

      How it works: Unscrew the nuts that hold the flower press tightly, insert the prettiest flowers picked between the sheets of rigid cardboard and thick white paper and tighten the pressed flowers. After a while, you will find beautiful ornaments for all your art projects!

      Dimensions: 21 x 18 x 5cm
      Materials: Solid wood, MDF wood
      Age: From 6 years old
      - Screw press
      - 6 cardboard board
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Pressed Flowers



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