• Product Description
      • Designed and manufactured in France
      • To protect children's fingers when cutting food
      • On size fits all

      Learning how to cook requires above all safety when handling knives. The Opinel children's finger guard will allow Little Chefs and parents to cook together in complete serenity while learning the right gestures. The children's finger guard protects the hand holding the food to be cut and allows them to adopt the so-called "greenhouse" position: the two folded phalanges, the thumb and little finger hold the food in the manner of a great chef.

      Dimensions:  6,5 x 5,5 cm
      Composition: Fiber-reinforced polymer
      More Information: Knife finger guard only, knife not provided. 
      Care Instructions: Flexible and dishwasher safe
  • Product Details

Le Petit Chef Finger Guard

€2,20 €5,50


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