• Product Description
      • Inspire and challenge your Piks activities
      • Develops concentration and focus
      • 24 creative cards

      Discover the 24 creative Piks cards from the French brand Oppi Toys. This educational card game is an additional accessory to the Piks game. It will complement the Small and Medium Kit. The cards are in the colors of the silicone cones of the Piks Small and Medium Kits: yellow, red and blue. The colors will allow your child to easily recognize the level of difficulty of the figures. He/her will have to find the cones and boards that will allow him/her to build his/her figure so that your child will have to realise the latter without dropping a single piece! The cards are easy to handle by small hands thanks to their large size. Your child can use it as an example but also as a tool to express their creativity. The set comes with 24 cards of 3 difficulty levels: 6 "easy" level cards, 6 "medium" level cards, 6 "difficult" level cards, and 6 "challenge" cards. This game will allow little one to develop her/his dexterity, concentration and fine motor skills.

      Dimensions: 10.5 × 18 × 1 cm
      Material: Gloss coated paper film 250g
      24 pieces whose 3 levels and 6 challenge cards:
      6 cards "Easy" level
      6 “Medium” level cards
      6 “Difficult” level cards
      6 “Challenge” level cards
      Age: From 3 Years
      More Information: A little extra: the Creative Cards are protected by a thin film-coated layer for better resistance!
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    • SKU: 35540
    • Weight: 0.125 kg
    • Product Type: Game
    • Brand: Oppi

Piks Creative Cards



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