• Product Description
      • To give life to your look
      • Original necklace
      • Designed by Julia Nielsen

      Made from durable FSC plywood with funky patterned veneers, the Pattern Rectangle necklace from the Hippstory brand is a dynamic, cool gem that suits anyone who is young at heart. The Pattern Rectangle necklace is designed by Julia Nielsen and is available in two colors.

      Rectangle 50x5.5mm
      Necklace chain ‣ 450mm
      Rectangle ‣  birchwood veneer and brass
      Gold plated brass necklacle

      Important: The pattern vary depending the colour
  • Product Details
    • Variant: Yellow Lunar Storm
    • SKU: 34323
    • Weight: 1.13 kg
    • Product Type: Necklace
    • Brand: Hippstory

Pattern Rectangle Necklace

€21,25 €42,50

Title | Yellow Lunar Storm


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